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1829 Proof Capped Bust $5 Gold Half Eagle – Large Date

As we consider our serious focusing on buying gold coins, today we’re looking at the special 1829 Proof Capped Bust $5 gold half eagle, this one is the large date variety. If you’re been fortunate enough to find these rare gold coins, they can be worth a lot of money.

The United States Mint is thought to have records that show a total of 57,422 Capped Bust five dollar gold half eagles were minted for general circulation. Discovered later in time, the mint created between 4-8 Proof coins for collectors in 1829. During that same year, the mint started using a collar in the striking process to make sure all coins had a uniform diameter. It’s believed that half of the coins were produced without the collar and had a “large date” style. The other half of the coins were struck with a collar and the die used was of the “small date” variety.

As you can see in the image, this 1829 gold proof coin is struck surprisingly well, not bat at all for the period. These gold proofs are highly unusual given the technology of the time used to produce these coins consisted of a screw press operated by two strong men.

This gold coin sold for $1,380,000, this was a little more than the 1833 proof Capped Bust $5 gold half eagle. This specific gold coin was sold in January 2012. The gold coin was graded by PCGS, the grade it received was PCGS PR-64.

The Capped Head gold half eagles continue to bring in big money at auction. They’re very rare gold coins to find but if you’re lucky enough to grab one, make sure you keep it safe. You should also be aware that these gold coins are faked a lot, be careful if you’re trying to buy gold coins from someone you don’t know well.

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