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1829 Capped Head $5 Large Size (Proof) Sells For $2.8M

Over the last few months, we’ve been discussing Capped Head gold half eagle coins, we covered the 1829 Capped Head gold proof coin and the 1833 Capped Head gold proof coin. While these coins had high grades, we just saw a 1829 Capped Head $5 Half Eagle graded at 66+ by PCGS.

Check out what it sold for: $2,880,000 • PR66+ • 05-07-2023 • Heritage Auctions

Look how beautiful this gold proof coin is.

If you’re out looking to buy gold coins, always keep your eye for these. While you likely won’t find old gold half eagle proofs at your local yard sale, you’d be surprised what people have found in the past. Never say never. We’re always selling gold, whether that is gold coins, gold bars, gold bullion, we sell gold jewelry and other gold items too. We’ve seen a wide range of gold coins come into the coin shop over the years, so at this point, nothing surprises us.

It’s great to see a 1829 Proof Capped Head $5 Eagle graded at PR66+ – she’s a beauty and how about that price? This gold coin sold for nearly $2.9M! Remember, this is just one single gold coin. It shows just how rare these coins are, that’s why these gold proof coins demand millions of dollars.

Photo credit goes to Heritage Auctions,

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