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Why KC Gold?

At KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins, we are deeply passionate about collecting and trading silver. This is why our DFW silver store is dedicated to providing an exceptional and stress-free silver buying and selling experience to our customers. We are best known for helping our customers diversify their silver portfolio and making sure that they get the most out of their silver investments. Whether you are a silver bullion collector or you want to sell silver to pay for an urgent expense, best believe that we will treat you with the same level of honesty, integrity, and patience that we have with all our customers through the years.

Utilizing 30+ years of experience and expertise in buying and selling silver bullion’s, silver jewelry, and other items that contain this precious metal, we at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins see the strong value of silver as a collectible and trade able precious metal. Silver is considered as a hedge against inflation, just like gold. However, unlike its popular counterparts, silver can be incredibly diverse and affordable. From silver coins, silver, bars, to silver rounds and sterling silverware sets, there is no shortage of shape or form that silver can be found in.

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Buying Silver

Here at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins, buying silver has never been easier with the help of our highly knowledgeable and professional DFW silver experts. Regardless if you want to buy silver for personal or business reasons, let us help you get the best value for your money. If you have a particular silver item in mind, just let us know so we can accommodate your request and see how we can help you. We sell silver regularly, so click here to get more information on our process and inventory available.

Selling Silver

If you are looking for a silver store in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area that buys silver with 100% confidentiality and efficiency, you have come to the right place. We at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins provide highly competitive and honest pricing for all types of authentic silver items, i.e., silver bullion’s, silver coins, silver dollars, silverware, silver tea sets, to name a few. Click here to learn more about how we can help you as a DFW silver buyer.

Silver Items We Accept And Trade

Silver Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff will Sigma verify and inspect for the purity and authenticity of your silver bullion thoroughly before making an offer for its value. Rest assured that we will only provide fair and honest prices.

Definitely! You can buy silver here at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins and take your item home with you on the same day. We have effectively streamlined our silver selling process so you do not have to worry about the speed of the transaction or if you are getting the best price in the silver market.

Yes, we try to keep a sufficient supply of silver bullion for our customers.

We at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins lets you buy silver from us as much as your heart desires and as long as we have everything you need from our inventory. We will approach your needs with the same level of delight, whether you want to purchase a single silver item or an entire collection.

Whether you are just starting your silver collection or you have been stacking for years, we are capable of building your silver portfolio from the ground up or to help you add to it. It is best to get in touch and seek professional advice from reputable silver experts like the ones at KC Gold, Silver & Rare Coins so you can safeguard your silver investments in the future.